- The Easy Bee
We all have web pages that we visit several times a week, not to say several times a day. With The Easy Bee, you no longer need to type passwords, click menus and wait for downloads. Whether it is for online accounts, auctions, jobs or news headlines, you can now stop wasting time with recurrent web visits.

 - WorldFlash News Ticker
WorldFlash News Ticker gets up-to-the-minute news headlines, weather, sports, stock quotes and more from over 135 prestigious on-line news sources. The full story on a full page is a click away. Highly customizable, low bandwidth.

 - Novobot
Novobot is a smart headline viewer. You build a queue from the available sites, run the queue and do your work. Novobot will load each site from the queue, and extract headlines together with sub-headings and links. When the queue processing is complete, you can browse through the resulting headline list and surf to the content of interest with your default browser.

 - NewsHound
Net NewsHound is a stand-alone background program that works unattended, 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, while you use your computer. It tracks down the latest News items that you are looking for and sends you the results by e-mail.

 - Desktop News
"Desktop News keeps you "in the know" by delivering a continuous stream of news and information from your favorite Web sites direct to your desktop in a compact, customizable ticker toolbar.

 - Headline Viewer
Headline Viewer allows you to display news headlines from a customizable list of headline providers. Headline Viewer lets you display news headlines from over 1200 sources, and can be used as a browser accessory to quickly navigate between sites.

 - Newsline
Newsline is a news service from BBC Online to bring news to your desktop. The news will be automatically update throughout the day. Clicking on a news or sports headline will open the full story in your default browser.

 - NewzCrawler
NewzCrawler is a web news reader & browser which provides access to news content from different sources: it offers content from syndicated news in XML-based formats, Usenet (NNTP) newsgroups and Web pages. NewzCrawler gathers news content from each source channel and displays it in a scrolling list or a News Ticker. NewzCrawler rapidly retrieves news from different web sources in background and displays them in comfortable customizable views.

 - e-Sport
eSport is a desktop application which provides live scores in progress, results, live odds and late breaking sports news for major sporting events around the globe 24-hours a day. It runs in the background with a ticker-like interface to deliver live sports and sports results.

 - ESPNews Bottomline
By ESPNews Bottomline you will receive live scores and breaking news, and by clicking on any score or news item, you will be taken directly to the corresponding page for a full break down. You can add and delete sports as often as you wish, choose exactly what information you want to see for each sport, etc.