- Binary Boy
Thousands of pictures, sounds and music files are posted to Usenet newsgroups every day. Binary Boy quickly sifts through the unwanted subjects and downloads only the files matching your search criteria.

 - Newsgroups Pictures Downloader
Newsgroups Pictures Downloader is a specialized news reader that focuses on picture newsgroups. It filters text and spam from usenet postings and presents only the pictures in an easy-to-use interface. It supports common file formats such as JPEG, GIF as well as queued downloads and server authentication.

 - NewsBin
NewsBin helps you find cool stuff in Newsgroups: it will scan newsgroups that you specify for binary attachments and will download and decode these attachments for you.

 - MediaGrab
MediaGrab! is a tool for finding and downloading multimedia files from the Internet. Instead of using a web page search engine to search to find multimedia files, you can use MediaGrab! to locate files by subject, author, song name, band name, or any other keywords you want.

 - Express NewsPictures
Express NewsPictures is a powerful newsreader specifically designed for downloading and viewing pictures from newsgroups.

 - Tifny
Tifny searches an unlimited number of newsgroups and servers. Tifny can download images, music files, video files, and other formats without effort. Just press Go and Tifny automatically finds and downloads the files for you. Tifny's advance automation an

 - MTA News Poster
MTA News Poster is the ultimate solution for publishing news and answering questions in the any news group on the Internet. Don't spend time searching topics and switching between different news groups - use this program! News Poster lets you post news or announcements, answer questions or make emergency messages to many news groups at once.