- ImageWolf
ImageWolf is a Search Tool that locates Picture and Movie files on the Web. It explores web rings looking for files based on a given query.At 28.8K ImageWolf can locate thousands of Pictures per hour and deliver them all to your browser for display.

 - Human Links
Human-Links is derived from cognitive science and is an innovative solution for searching, organizing, mapping, updating, sharing, creating reports on information found over the internet.

 - WebSeeker
WebSeeker combines the results of multiple search engines. WebSeeker delivers a clean list of results that can be saved, viewed offline, easily organized and updated automatically.

 - AimingClick
AimingClick is a Web searching tool. With this tool you can lookup words selected in any Windows application in online search services: search engines, dictionaries, encyclopedias, news sites, etc. It is handy and effective. To lookup a word, just select it, click a hot key and choose a search site in the appeared popup window. Your default Web browser will open search result page of the chosen site with results based on selected word.