- Aaron's WebVacuum
Aaron's WebVacuum grabs all types of files from web sites. It can be set up to download pictures, MP3s, videos, programs or any other file type which the user specifies. It can be used to download files from one page, several levels or the entire web site.

 - Visual Web Task
Visual Web Task parses HTML tags and extracts data and files. It creates spiders for any download and extraction need. You can teach your HTML parser how to negotiate logins, proxies and security pages to download and extract what you need - files, search results, and more.

 - Fight SARS, The D2OL Project
Finding a cure for serious diseases such as SARS and anthrax involves many years of research. Help speed up the search for a cure for SARS by participating in the D2OL project from the Rothberg Institute for Childhood Diseases. To take part, all you need to do is download a small program that takes advantage of your computer´┐Żs unused calculating power to evaluate the potential of candidate drugs.