Most Wanted Bots

AntiPopUp for IE not only acts as smart Popup Killer but also has an Internet Eraser functions. >>

This fascinating 3D aquarium utilizes advanced technology in 3DVR and Biomechanics.>>

With iSpyNOW you have full control and monitoring power in real time of a remote PC. >>

Intelligent Agents for use on the Web allow us to conduct our daily tasks on the Internet in a quicker and more efficient manner.

Have you had enough of typing the same thing over and over in online registration forms? Form-filling agents can take care of that for you. Tired of waiting for HTML pages to load on your browser? Try out our selection of browsing accelerators which greatly accelerate the loading time of web pages using various techniques. Frightened that you are missing updated information on your favourite web pages? Monitoring Agents can provide a daily surveillance for your favourite sites and can automatically alert you of these changes via e-mail.

"Each Internet task has an agent" we would be tempted to say. The intelligent agents can indeed provide services which will be strongly appreciated by both new users and experienced surfers, ...that�s if they know that they exist. Now, Agentland invites you to discover some of these Web Agents who know, without doubt, how to make your life a little sunnier on the web...

Shopping Bots Search Bots
Shop bots, Auction bots, Stock bots,...
Metasearch bots, Newsgroup search bots...

Artificial Life Bots Tracking Bots
All the Chatterbots, Personal assistants,...
Web monitoring bots, News bots,...
Web Development bots Download Bots
Referencing bots, Site management bots,...
File sharing bots, Download managers,...
Games Bots Surf Bots
Build a Bot, Logic bots,...

Pop-up killer bots, Privacy bots,...

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Artificial intelligence and the future of the world of construction

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